Watch: How to cover grey roots

Here's the lowdown...

Here's the lowdown...

The beauty desk hear three questions time and again: 1) How do you pop a spot? 2) Can you get rid of those purple bags under eyes for good? 3) How can I cover my pesky grey hairs without restoring to dyeing it every week?

The answers: 1) Don’t - or if you absolutely must, wait until a white head has emerged and proceed gently. 2) Not really - they’re often genetic, though good skincare and a healthy lifestyle may help. 3) With our latest find, EVERPRObeauty Zero Grey’s products, of course!

A huge hit in America, EVERYPRObeauty’s wares have been on our watch list for months and we’re very excited to show you how to use the clever products in the above video.

5 Things That Make EVERPRObeauty’s Zero Grey Root Concealing Products Stand Out 

1) They don’t budge. Seriously. Come rain or sweat, this stuff stays put, diligently covering greys until shampooed off (the surfactants in the shampoo are needed to break down the product).

2) You’ve got options. Want to cover some serious roots in a few seconds? Opt for the EVERPRObeauty ZERO GREY Root Concealer Spray, which instantly adheres to greys, covering them entirely. Just have a few random greys dotted through your hair? Swipe the EVERPRObeauty ZERO GREY Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder through grey patches - the compact complete with a mirror and sponge make for the easiest - and quickest - concealing we’ve seen. Perfect for on the go.

3) All colours are covered. Thanks to clever self-adjusting colour technology, each of the three shades available adjusts to blend in with three levels of that shade, with a total of nine hues ranging from medium blonde to deep ebony hair covered.

4) They’re faff-free. No need for any difficult application techniques or waiting for colour to take here - just spray or swipe onto dry hair, style and off you trot.

5) You get quite a lot of bang for your buck. Depending on how many greys you’re covering, the ZERO GREY aerosol spray will give you around 40 uses. At £9.99 for the spray (the magnetic powder is £12.99), that works out a whole lot cheaper than hitting the salon to touch up your roots. Available at Superdrug stores nationwide and

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