Looking for a hair update? These are the 5 of the biggest 2022 hair trends to try out now

kendall jenner at the oscars after party with copper hair - 2022 hair trends
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Despite rather high infection rates, life does seem to be returning to normality. Holidays are back on the cards, we're no longer required to wear masks when doing a food shop and we can book hair appointments with gusto. Perhaps you're just looking to just top up your balayage or maybe you're looking for a fresh new look. In that case, how about one of 2022's biggest hair trends?

We picked the brains of some of the industry's most celebrated stylists and colourists to give us the full low-down on to go-to trends ahead for Spring.

Copper tones

Kendall Jenner with copper hair - 2022 hair trends

Ever since Kendall Jenner stepped out with her warm cinnamon-hued hair, we've been obsessed. But she's not the only one, from soft strawberry blondes to deep copper tones, red hair is very much a growing trend in 2022.

Nicola Clarke, Creative Colour Director at John Freida Salons, has created a specialist colour service that identifies which shade of rouge will best suit the client. 'The right red can be enormously flattering,' she explains. 'I might use a soft colour glaze, rich deep pigment or multi-dimensional tones to create the perfect colour to enhance someone’s skin tone - no two clients will be the same. Our new Perfect Red service puts science to the process.'

Product to use:

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TRESemmé Colour Enhancing Mask Warm Red, £8.99 | Feelunique
Tresemmé's colour enhancing masks work on both coloured and natural hair. Refresh those red tones in minutes.

Big superluxe blowdry

Adelo Gboyega with glossy blowdry - 2022 hair trends

As we head full speed back into normal life, we want to look our best. 'The demands for this type of look are definitely starting to pick up,' says Luke Hersheson, celebrity hairstylist and CEO of Hershesons salons. 'I would say the look is more of a move towards the late 90s, early 00s Supermodel hair. We're all getting excited about going out again and want our hair to reflect that.'

Paul Windle, founder of Windle London, says that 'people want super glossy that works well with the present cutting trends' and Syd Hayes, International Session Stylist and Babyliss Ambassador agrees. 'We are moving away from the more loose and beachy waves we’ve seen over recent months and towards glossy blowdries. Think Adele in her latest album cover - full-bodied, glossy, glam hair.'

Product to use:

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BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush, £180 | Lookfantastic
Recreating the super glossy blowdry at home isn't easy (even if you're armed with the best hair dryer). So a tool like this makes things that much easier. It smoothes your locks, while adding body and movement. The bristles are specially designed to prevent tugging or tangles.


Woman with curly bob - 2022 hair trends

Last year bobs were one of the most requested hairstyles at salons. And it doesn't look like that's changed. 'Bobs aren't going anywhere,' says Hersheson. 'But what I'm seeing a lot of this year is a rounder shape. This isn't a Posh Spice bob, it's not as blunt as that. It has a 50s feel to it, with more height and texture. Think Donna Hayward in Twin Peaks and Charlie in Top Gun. It's got a slight noir French feel to it.'

Windle agrees, 'Bobs are becoming more popular as there seems to be a movement to a more directional dress code.'

Product to use:

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JVN Hair Complete Air Dry Cream, £21 | Space NK
This styling cream allows your hair's natural texture to sing. It provides gentle hold while smoothing and defining without crunchiness or flaking.

70s throwback

Influencer Gigi Ringel with a shaggy hair cut - 2022 hair trends

'Choppy fringes, shags and Mullets - 2021 was a year of expression and there’s no surprise in that,' says Hayes. Which he predicted would push through into 2022. And it has. Hersheson says that he's seen an uptake in the 70s shag. It's a curly, rock chick vibe. There was a lot of talk about the mullet last year, but this is a lot softer, a lot easier to wear and much less of a statement.

'The look is sliced out and choppy,' describes Hayes. 'Layer layer layer. Razored and sliced with the length kept throughout the back with choppy, sliced-out layers.'

Product to use:


Hershesons Almost Everything Cream, £10
When it says it's an Almost Everything Cream, it means it. It can be used as the following: Primer, Shine Booster, Frizz Fighter, Texturiser, Tamer, Curl Definer, Conditioner and Mask. On a look like this, you want to create a weightless texture that moves naturally. This does all that. (Oh, and it's a former Marie Claire UK Hair Award Winner too.)


Hailey Bieber at the met ball 2021 - 2022 hair trends

Think Hailey Bieber - the queen of paired back hair. If you have fine hair, this is your look. It's not about volume or luxury - in fact, it's the antithesis of the big blowdry trend. That's not to say this isn't glossy, oh no this is healthy and shiny hair. It's just not in you face, it's too cool for that.

'There are two important things to note about this look,' explains Hersheson. 'The amount of hair and the colour. If you have a lot of hair, try and reduce some of that weight by pining some pieces back and under. The other thing is the soft and buttery ends. You want darker on top with lighter ends.' It has to almost look as if your blonde has grown out because you are too cool to worry about dark roots. To achieve this look, ask for balayage on the ends.

Product to use:

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Color Wow Dream Cocktail Coconut Infused, £24 | Lookfantastic
The aim of this look is smooth and sleek strands - not volume. So as soon as you're out of the shower, pop this on your lengths to rehydate thirsty ends. Brittlness is replaced with manageable and soft hair.

Which one are you going to go for?

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