Glazed nails are done for—summer 2024 is all about the glossy manicure and these 12 looks prove it

Whatever shade or nail art you choose, just make it glossy

Woman wearing a glossy manicure holding a Prada tote bag
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The year was 2023, and the nail trend du jour was glazed doughnut manicures. Fast forward to now, and you may well be all glazed out—I know I (sort of) am. But the good news for those who love to rock a pretty, shiny mani in this style is that ultra-glossy nails are here to stay for summer 2024. 

It may sound obvious, but hi-shine nails are the epitome of chic. No matter what nail polish you opt for (although, FYI, my faves are neutrals, reds and burgundys), you can't beat a super reflective top coat. 

I like my nails just like I like my skin—glossy and almost wet-looking. So, the fact that glossy manicures are trending right now has filled me with added glee. Whether you have short nails or long extensions, you honestly can't beat a shiny finish. Just browse the 12 looks below for the ultimate proof. 

1. Lip gloss nails

This barely-there sheer pink is a no-brainer for those who prefer an understated glossy manicure. All you really need is a glow-boosting nail strengthener like Essie's, rather than a solid polish. 

2. Barbie pink

We may be one year on from Barbie mania, but she's still informing all of our style and beauty choices. You can't beat a hot pink with a shiny top coat to make a statement. 

3. Autumn neutrals

Autumn is my favourite month, and I love the nail trends that come with it. Embrace those earthly tones for your autumnal glossy manicure. 

4. Simply sheer

A super-sheer pink that almost fades to ombre is a gorgeous way to wear your glossy mani, especially with longer nails like these. 

5. Barely there

My favourite neutral of all time has to be OPI's Bubble Bath, and I truly believe it looks best the shinier the formula. 

6. Bubblegum

An adorable sheered-out bubblegum pink? If it's good enough for nail artist Harriet Westmoreland...

7. Simple silver

Add a stylish twist to your glossy manicure with a touch of silver across the top. Simply invest in a fine brush to apply with. 

8. Triple French

You honestly can't beat any kind of French mani or coloured tip, but this muted white-grey-black look is incredibly cool. 

9. Forest green 

For those cooler months, forest green is a beautiful choice, particularly when you choose a glossy finish. 

10. Burgundy wine

Deep reds that look purple in some lights and brown in others are absolutely one of my top choices for a glossy mani. 

11. Colourful tips

The advantage of coloured tips is that you can choose any colour on any nail length and shape. And the way that a glossy top coat comes off on that clear reflective base? Irresistible. 

12. Intricate nail art

Glossy nails aren't just for all-over base colours; they look beautiful with intricate nail art, too. Just leave this to the nail artists at the salon! 

Rebecca Fearn

Rebecca is a freelance beauty journalist and contributor to Marie Claire. She has written for titles including Refinery29, The Independent, Grazia, Coveteur, Dazed, Stylist, and Glamour. She is also a brand consultant and has worked with the likes of The Inkey List on campaign messaging and branded copy. She’s obsessed with skincare, nail art and fragrance, and outside of beauty, Rebecca likes to travel, watch true crime docs, pet sausage dogs and drink coffee. Rebecca is also passionate about American politics and mental health awareness.