The online shopping hacks you need this Christmas

The genius ways to save a bundle but still be super-generous

Whether you’re one of those super-organised Christmas shoppers, who’s been cleverly stockpiling gifts since the summer sales, or you’re a last minute dot com advocate, we’ve got some online shopping hacks that will save you a bundle this year.

Firstly, if you are someone who loves an online discount we have some very good news for you. You know all those coupons and discount codes that keep disappearing or expiring? Google have answered your prayers with a Chrome extension called ‘Honey’. If the word ‘browser extension’ sounds like double Dutch, let us put is this way: this savvy little tool digs up discount codes, free shipping deals and promotions for thousands of online shops and applies them before you ‘add to basket’.

Honey works by displaying a little badge alongside the price, indicating whether or not you’re seeing the best price. So, be sure to hit the Honey button before you head to the check out and watch the price of your order drop.

While many of us hold off until December to start our Christmas shopping (guilty), Adobe, who released their 2016 Holiday Shopping Predictions last week, have pinpointed November as the best month to start filling those stockings. The 22nd is reportedly the best day to find the most online discounts on clothes, so pop that in your diary, stat. The reason being, retailers are wise to our panicky last minute sprees and less discounts are likely to be available.

Life Hacker agrees that November offers the biggest discounts (an average of 5.99%), adding that the best days to shop are Tuesday and Thursday, while the worst is Sunday. And naturally, Black Friday on November 25 will have heaps of brilliant deals (stay tuned as we’ll be rounding up the best).

To summarise, if you want your money to stretch a litter further this Christmas (and have some left over to treat yourself):

  1. Get Honey.
  2. Put November 22 in your diary.
  3. Don’t wait until December to start Christmas shopping, November is the key month for discounts.
  4. And finally, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the top day for discounts, while Sundays are best avoided.

Now, go forth and shop ‘til the price drops.

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