Did you spot the special nod to Princess Diana in the Wales family Christmas photograph?

The Prince and Princess of Wales arrive at the 'Together at Christmas' community carol service at Westminster Abbey in 2021
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The Wales family has been front and centre this past week, and while the Prince and Princess of Wales have been busy with their outings and duties, it is their family life that gets the world talking the most. 

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis joined their parents at Princess Kate's 'Together at Christmas' carol service this weekend, with Prince Louis even making his royal debut at the annual event.

It was a photograph of the family of five that made the most headlines however, as the Prince and Princess of Wales released their official Christmas photograph over the weekend.

"Our family Christmas card for 2023," captioned the black and white photograph, taken by Josh Shinner. 

Unsurprisingly the image has gone viral, with 2.5 million likes already, and comments in their hundreds showing their appreciation. 

A lot of the praise surrounded the wardrobe choices, with all five of the family members sporting a white button down shirt and dark trousers.

This, some believe, is a special nod to Princess Diana, who was known for the iconic look. In fact, on closer inspection, the late Princess of Wales sported the ensemble on the regular, from royal events to casual errands.

Princess Diana wears jeans and a white shirt on a three day visit to Bosnia - Herzegovina

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"Such a great photo!" posted one royal fan. "It reminds me of those black and white shots of Princess Diana with William and Harry."

Another commented: "Gorgeous family, love the white shirt and jeans look. More like Diana than Charles. George looks so much like his grandmother." 

Princess Diana wears a white shirt and a red pencil skirt for a photocall in Majorca with son, Prince William and Prince Harry

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The Christmas portrait has also been praised for its modernity, with experts reporting that it could additionally be a nod to the new and relatable era that the Wales family will bring to the monarchy.

"I am loving the more causal dress and modern feel," read one comment. "Absolutely perfectly royal with the approachability of a beautiful family."

This according to experts is far more "radical" than we know, with royal expert Daniele Elser previously explaining that "William and Kate’s social media transformation is emblematic of a far more significant intellectual shift in their journey towards the throne." 

They are, according to Elser "basically positioning themselves to rule - and rule in a way that will change the crown forever."

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