12 simple street party ideas for the Queen's Jubilee

Left it to the last minute? Let the experts help.

Street party ideas
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Left it to the last minute? Let the experts help.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is fast approaching and one of the best ways to celebrate HRH in true British style is with a street party. Stuck for street party ideas and inspiration? Then you're in the right place, as we've rounded up some of the best.

Street party celebrations have been a central part of British history for generations and apparently, some of the Royals are attending street parties on Sunday, too. 

This year looks set to be even more of a celebration with over 85,000 people preparing for the Big Jubilee Lunch Street Party. Set to take place over the bank holiday weekend on Sunday 5th June, street parties up and down the country will see quintessentially British food, bunting, fancy dress and more. 

Jubilee memorabilia at the ready - it's time to prep for your celebrations. Without further ado… 

12 street party ideas to try this weekend 

1. Look to others for inspiration

Did you know? The Big Jubilee Lunch is the official street party part of the Jubilee celebrations.

Kimberly Williams from the Big Jubilee Lunch shares that there's no such thing as OTT: "From a casual cup of tea to a full-blown buffet, you can't go too big or too small, so join millions of people over the weekend to celebrate HRH," she explains.

Top tip: Download your free pack at thebigjubileelunch.com to find out how to join the nation in celebration.

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2. Delegate, delegate, delegate 

As the name indicates, street parties are a time to bring everyone together, so make sure you're not trying to do it all alone.

Top tip: Get the neighbours together, create a group chat and delegate each task: who will bring which dish, not forgetting to arrange the chairs and tables. Read on to see what you will need.

3. Don't forget Pinterest for street party ideas

Always our go-to for dinner party inspiration and more, Pinterest is brimming with easy and simple make your own bunting ideas. A quick search and scroll and you'll be ready to get decorating.

4. Make some finger sandwiches

Everyone will need a good snack during the party so have the finger food ready. Finger sandwiches are quick and simple to whip up. Make sure everyone is happy by switching up the flavours.

How good do these sound?

  • Cured ham & mustard
  • Cream cheese & cucumber
  • Coronation chicken.

Remember to make enough for one finger of each type per person.

Top tips: If you are making them the day before, keep the crusts on to prevent them from drying out. Make sure they are wrapped up well and put into the fridge. Separate by dietary needs, and remove them from the fridge 30 minutes before serving.

Don't feel like cooking and need some food-spiration for your street party ideas?

Platinum Jubilee 18 box Jubilee Limited edition box

Platinum Jubilee 18 box Jubilee Limited edition box, £43 | Ladurée
With special editions decorated with a Jubilee crest, this box of raspberry, vanilla and Marie Antoinette Tea macarons will go down a treat.

M&S 9 Platinum Jubilee pork sausage rolls

M&S 9 Platinum Jubilee pork sausage rolls, £6 | Ocado
A perfect finger food snack, celebrating HRH 70 years on the throne.

M&S shortbread with strawberries and clotted cream tin

M&S shortbread with strawberries and clotted cream tin, £8 | Ocado
Everyone loves a shortbread and the tin is a cute keepsake too.

Victoria Eggs Platinum Jubilee Apron

Victoria Eggs Platinum Jubilee Apron, £26.40 | Amazon Handmade 
Look the part with this beautifully hand-drawn apron. Inspired by the Queen's coronation dress, it features The Queen's Platinum Jubilee and date. Outfit, sorted.

5. Try your hand at baking the Platinum Jubilee pudding

The official Jubilee Pudding crowned by Mary Berry was gifted to the Queen this month in honour of her 70 years, so it's only right that it makes an appearance at your street party. See the full recipe of the lemon Swiss roll and amaretti trifle here.

One idea: Why not try a bake-off with your neighbours? Decide who will tackle the Jubilee Pud' and let the bake off commence.

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6. Create a fun cocktail station

Possibly one of the best street party ideas? Designate a space (away from the children) and set up a cocktail station.

All you'll need is an outdoor table with glasses, alcohol, a bucket of ice and lots of fresh garnishes.

7. Whip up the Queen's favourite cocktail

"Keeping with the Jubilee theme, why not make the Queen’s favourite tipple, said to be the Dubonnet cocktail, made with one part gin, two parts Dubonnet and stirred over ice with an orange or lemon twist?" Cass Heaphy, Digital Director at Paving Direct, suggests. You could also opt for a refreshing jug of traditional English Pimm’s with all the trimmings. Yum.

Ron Abuelo's ‘Glorious cocktail’ is a fitting tribute to toast to our Queen. Panama, home to the Ron Abuelo rum, is the first country that HRH visited after being crowned Queen, 70 years ago.

Try cocktail, curated by Global Brand Ambassador, Cristobal Srokowski.


  • 45 ml – Ron Abuelo 12 Años
  • 20 ml – Fresh lime juice
  • 20 ml – Sugar syrup (2:1)
  • 4 Dashes – Angostura bitters
  • 8-10 Fresh mint leaves
  • Champagne or dry sparkling wine


  • Shake and double strain into a flute
  • Top off with Champagne or dry sparkling wine, stir gently and garnish.
Ron Abuelo 12 Year Old

Ron Abuelo 12 Year Old, £34.50 | Master of Malt
The 12 year old rum is ready for all your 'Glorious Cocktail' needs. Raise a glass to HRH!

Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Platinum Jubilee Special Edition

Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Platinum Jubilee Special Edition, £43 | Clos19
Toast to HRH with a special edition of Moët. First granted a royal warrant by Queen Victoria in 1893, celebrate the bank holiday weekend like a Queen.

Limited Edition Copper Crown Cup

Limited Edition Copper Crown Cup, £191 | Absolut Elyx Boutique 
The most majestic way to sip your cocktails this weekend, with this Limited Edition copper cup that is based on HRH's crown, with sparkling jewels and handcrafted details, this will make all your pics Royally good.

8. Curate a Royal Playlist

There's no party without music, so get the playlist ready in advance. Make it a collaborative one and get all your neighbours to send over a tune to add.

Include the classics:

  • Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
  • Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
  • Dancing Queen - Abba.

Remember: Keep the music at a respectful level after dark and make sure your phone and speaker are fully charged.

9. Plan some Royal games

Games will bring everyone together, and as the speaker is already out, why not go classical with musical statues or chairs? The Windsors are said to play the name game and good old charades, so why not give those a go when reuniting with your neighbours.

We're taking it old school, with a bit of chalk to play hopscotch and noughts and crosses. The children will love this one (and no doubt make a TikTok about it).

Get everyone in the competitive spirit, with a game of rounders, three-legged race or a limbo line. We're feeling nostalgic just thinking about it.

For more games like colour in the Corgi, check out the official Platinum Jubilee toolkit here.

10. Decorate your street with bunting & balloons

Nothing screams "street party" louder than bunting, so make sure yours is up.

Decorate the table and chairs just how you would an inside one. Remember tablecloth, napkins and cutlery. It can be a hassle to arrange outdoor seating - top tip: suggest everyone brings their own.

Use decorations to create a beautiful space for your celebrations, we're talking pillows, cushions, balloons and blankets (you never know with the British weather) Here are a few of the best bits that double up as Jubilee memorabilia too.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Knitted Blanket

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Commemorative Knitted Blanket, £34.99 | notjust clothing
One always should be prepared when it comes to the British Weather. This purple blanket is perfect for honouring HRH, with cups of tea and cute Corgis. Coming in at a whooping 6ft tall, there is room for all.

Talking Tables Best of British Table Cover

Talking Tables Best of British Table Cover, £7 | John Lewis
An easy way to keep with the white, red and blue theme and makes sure your table is covered from any potential (champagne filled) spillages.

Platinum Jubilee Recyclable Napkins

Platinum Jubilee Recyclable Napkins, £4.50 | Acado
Sticking to the red, white and blue, these napkins are fully recyclable and plastic free. Cute and eco-friendly.

Platinum Jubilee 2022 Bunting

Platinum Jubilee 2022 Bunting, £12.99 | Royal British Legion 
Made by veterans, this bunting comes in 5m lengths and features the Official Platinum Jubilee logo. It is also weather resistant, just in case the weather takes a turn.

11. Send the invites

This is a time to bring everyone together, so make sure the whole neighbourhood is invited and no one is left out. Send an virtual invite in the group chat, and add your street party to the official Jubilee website here, so your local neighbourhood can find you.

You could always get creative and make handwritten invitations to post through your neighbours door.

12. Apply for a licence

While anyone can plan and host a street party, regardless of location and road size, you must apply for permission first, especially if the road needs to be closed.

Your local council will need to be contacted at least four weeks before the event. As it is the week of, you may not be able to do this in time, but there are still plenty of options. Instead of a large street party, you can plan a Street Meet. A smaller party that can take place on a driveway or front garden and doesn’t require permission. If your party is set to continue past 11pm, remember to turn down the loud music, or you will need to apply for a late Temporary Events Notice (TEN) on the Gov website.

Most importantly, enjoy your royally good knees up!

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