Queen's Platinum Jubilee date, history, plus celebrations to mark the special day

The question on everyone's lips...

When is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? A photo of Elizabeth II opening the Elizabeth line
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The question on everyone's lips...

Searching the Internet for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee date?

You're in the right place, as we've rounded up everything you need to know about the upcoming celebration in one place. 

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What is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee?

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated over the first weekend in June, from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th.

While the actual Jubilee fell on 6th February, the extended four-day bank holiday is the official celebration - but more info is below.

That's right - it's time to celebrate our Royal Highness.

Queens Platinum Jubilee Date:

What does the Platinum Jubilee mark? 

The Platinum Jubilee marks 70 years of a monarch's reign and, fun fact for you: our Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, is the first British monarch to reach this incredible milestone. 

Simply put, Royal Jubilees celebrate the life and reign of a monarch. The Platinum Jubilee date is extra special because it not only marks the Queen reaching a historic milestone, but also the extra public holiday we'll be celebrating.

Piccadilly Lights Mark 70th Anniversary Of Queen's Accession To Throne

A history of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Date

Officially, the Queen reached 70 years on the throne on Sunday 6th February. This marks the date when the Queen acceded to the throne, the Accession Day, following the death of her father in 1952.

The Queen usually spends the day in private reflection, but this year HRH invited local groups to Sandringham for tea and to view new Jubilee memorabilia (have a look at our round-up of the best Platinum Jubilee memorabilia, here). On the day, the Queen penned a written message for the occasion:

“It gives me pleasure to renew to you the pledge I gave in 1947 that my life will always be devoted to your service.”

The Queen’s coronation took place on June 2nd, 1953, at Westminster Abbey.

This means the official Queen's Platinum Jubilee date is Thursday 2nd June 2022, the date of her coronation. 

Queen's Platinum Jubilee date: Queen Elizabeth Ii And The Duke Of Edinburgh On Their Coronation Day

What official events are planned? 

Now the information you're all after - how long a holiday we get to mark the historic event.

To mark the one-off occasion, an extra day has been added to the upcoming bank holiday.

The bank holiday weekend mirrors the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and will run from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June. This means an extra day off work - woo! If you didn't already know, this is how you can more than double your annual leave this year

Jubilee celebrations typically include Royal family outings and are known for street parties across the country.

This year, the Queen and the Royal family will celebrate the occasion with a series of events, with members of the public able to travel to central London to watch the event IRL or watch from the comfort of home.

Thursday 2nd June

The official celebrations will begin with The Trooping the Colour parade. This is in honour of The Queen's birthday and will see thousands of soldiers, horses and musicians parade from The Mall to the Horse Guard's parade. The perfect way to start your bank holiday.

Members of the Royal family will watch from horse and carriage. If you are there early enough, you may even get a glimpse of HRH.

The parade will end with an RAF flypast which the Royal Family will watch from the Buckingham Palace balcony. But who will stand on the balcony?

The historic occasion will also see beacons lit in each commonwealth city for the first time ever.

Queens Platinum Jubilee date: Trooping The Colour 2016

Friday 3rd June

Friday marks the Service of Thanksgiving which will take place at St Paul’s Cathedral.

The church bell - titled Great Paul and also the largest bell in the UK - will be rung to mark the occasion.

Queens Platinum Jubilee Date:


The Queen will be joined by other Royal family members to attend the Epsom Derby.

In the evening, the Platinum Party at the Palace will take place. Hosted by Buckingham Palace and the BBC, ticket ballots are now closed but everyone can watch the epic event live on BBC 1 and BBC Radio 2.

The lineup isn't one to miss, with the likes of Duran Duran, Alicia Keys and George Ezra performing alongside Jax Jones, Craig David and Diversity. All will be performing their biggest hits in celebration of Her Majesty.

Also appearing at the event are Sir David Attenborough, David Beckham and Eurovision hero, Sam Ryder.

Diana Ross will close the two and a half-hour show with her first UK performance in 15 years.

Queens Platinum Jubilee date: 66th Eurovision Song Contest - Finale Dress Reharsals


It's street party time! It is what the Jubilee is known for, so possibly the best way to celebrate. With thousands planned across the country, The Palace has created a website in which you can locate nearby events.

The Big Jubilee lunch takes place every Jubilee but this one is set to be the biggest. Make sure to check out the full breakdown of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, here.

It is all so exciting, we can't wait.

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