It's thought that the Queen is hiring someone "to go through Royal secrets"

They'll earn £24,000 a year, according to the Buckingham Palace website.

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They'll earn £24,000 a year, according to the Buckingham Palace website.

Did you know? Her Majesty The Queen is reportedly on the hunt for a new staff member to join the team at Buckingham Palace.

This person, it's thought, will be tasked with the job of sorting through "Royal secrets", according to The Mirror.

They'll be paid £24,000 yearly and will work from Windsor Castle.

Wondering what Royal secrets the title could possibly refer to? Well, the hire is for a "Digitisation Technician", a job which focuses on helping the Royal Family and existing staff members to sort through the bountiful archives they keep on file.

What sorts of Royal family unknowns are hidden amongst the years of historical archives are yet to be uncovered.

Buckingham Palace officials are hoping for the new starter to begin work in February 2022.

The site states the job covers converting "high-quality images of documentary items, before transferring them to permanent storage".

"Joining our team of experts, your challenge will be to digitise material held by the Royal Archives and the Royal Collection, producing valuable content for high profile public access."

"You’ll analyse every digital image for quality and metadata compliance, carrying out vital quality assurance checks."

Do be warned - officials encourage only hard workers apply, as they state that strict deadlines will "stretch you" if you are not.

However, they stress that whoever the lucky candidate is will get to organise some "fascinating collections", likely most of which have never been seen before.

The Royal family have had another tough year, with Prince Philip passing away in April and a new BBC series, Princes and The Press, leading to them threatening to "boycott" the body altogether.

They were not granted the right to watch the programme prior to it going live, which they have done in the past.

Harry and Meghan's step down as senior Royals has been well documented, but this year, they broadcast their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey, and similarly, Harry signed a tell-all memoir deal with Penguin.

Similarly, they gave birth to Lilibet, who is still yet to meet HM The Queen in real life.

This comes the same week as The Queen is faced with the difficult decision of whether to postpone Royal Christmas plans once more amid a surge of Covid-19 cases. She has already cancelled one existing Royal family tradition.

Will you be spending Christmas with your family this year?

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