William and Kate have the sweetest nicknames for Princess Charlotte


Prince William and Kate Middleton's nicknames for Princess Charlotte
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There are many rules that must be followed when you're a part of the royal family - whether it's stair etiquette for women or being unable to do this if you ever have dinner with the monarch. The youngest royals, like the Wales' children, also have strict guidelines they must adhere to (and their nanny ensures that they are always on their best behaviour), and their mother, Kate Middleton, is technically supposed to bow to her little ones.

While many of their rules and traditions mean that their day to day lives are unfathomably different to ours, there is one thing that they do that shows they're not so different: they love to give each other nicknames.

Prince Charles was known to call Meghan Markle as 'Tungsten' as he 'admires her strength', Prince William used to call the late Queen 'Gary' apparently and Prince George calls his father 'pops' - which is beyond cute.

And it turns out that the the Prince and Princess of Wales have a few very special nicknames for their daughter, eight year old Princess Charlotte, which only they use.

At the Royal Chelsea Flower Show back in 2019, William and Kate were joined by the children as they helped to design a garden for the event. While they were playing, William called out to his daughter Charlotte, referring to her as 'Mignonette'. In French, this translates to 'small, sweet and delicate' or 'cute'.

Kate is said to have another nickname for the little royal. When the Princesses were spotted doing some late minute Christmas shopping in 2019, Kate reportedly said to Charlotte: "Get up, poppet."

At another engagement in 2020, Kate was talking to members of the public when one royal fan told her that she had a son who was four years old. The Princess of Wales reportedly replied: "Oh, he's the same age as Lottie."

So there you have it - Mignonette, poppet and Lottie. Adorable. 

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