Prince Louis is the one family member who can make Kate 'lose her cool,' says astrologer

He's quite cheeky

Prince Louis of Cambridge 'thumb's his nose' and sticks his tongue out at his mother Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
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Prince Louis is famous for being the cheeky one in his family, and sometimes he can rile his mum Princess Kate up a bit, according to an astrologer.

As the young royal celebrates his 6th birthday today (23 April), Princess Diana's former astrologer Debbie Frank has looked at how the little boy and his mum's birth charts interact with each other.

"Undoubtedly, Louis' determined Mars in Capricorn creates a fractious frisson with Kate's Sun in the same sign," Debbie told Hello!.

"He is the one person who can make her lose her cool! Kate is very self-disciplined and taming her little tiger cub is a challenge for her."

But despite his hilarious antics during public appearances (we all remember Louis pulling faces at the Queen's Jubilee), Debbie believes the little boy is a sweetheart at his core.

"He's so engaging, playful, cheeky, and utterly himself that people fall in love with his court jester antics," she explained.

"He is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's faces, even though he is openly seen to remonstrate with his parents at royal events."

She added: "His is an affectionate and loving personality with Venus in Taurus, Cancer rising, and the Moon in Leo. He is a crowd pleaser even though he breaks the royal mould. Adorable and engaging, he is easily forgiven, and his attractive personality magnetises a lot of attention."

To celebrate Louis' birthday, his parents released a previously unseen photo of him looking delighted while lying in some grass. The photo was taken by mum Kate, who has made it a tradition to share her personal photos of her three children to celebrate milestones.

The Waleses captioned it: "Happy 6th Birthday, Prince Louis!

"Thank you for all the kind wishes today.

"[Photo] The Princess of Wales"

Apparently, the photo was snapped very recently in Windsor, where the family of five lives.

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