Did Kate just share where they might be moving to?

Wales holds a special place in Kate's heart.

Wales holds a special place in Kate's heart.

Yesterday, the Duke and Duchess paid a poignant visit to Wales. Poignant, firstly, because it was on St David's Day - the patron saint of Wales. But secondly, because at some point in the future, it's highly expected that the titles of Prince and Princess of Wales will be bestowed upon William and Kate by Prince Charles.

On their day trip, the royal couple visited Abergavenny and Blaenavon to celebrate the Feast of St David. Their day was stacked with meeting adoring children, chatting to locals, making Welsh cakes and petting some very cute goats as they heard about the Welsh agricultural industry's crucial role within rural communities.

There is another reason though why Wales holds such a special place in the hearts of the couple; it was here that they first lived as newlyweds, renting a home in Anglesey when Prince William worked at RAF Valley. William has long held a special connection with the country and was even said to use the nickname ‘Wales’ at school.

Kate, whose love of the outdoors is well known, is said to have been particularly fond of the privacy and remoteness they were afforded living in north Wales. Speaking at the time, Kate is reported to have said: "I love our life in Anglesey. It's just nice to be outdoors and away from the city. As much as I love London, it's nice to get away."

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There's been a lot of speculation that a move out of London for the Cambridges is on the cards, but could they be moving to Wales? As much as Kate and William love the country, it seems unlikely.

The Windsor area has been highlighted by royal commentators as the most likely when it comes to a move for the family, due to its easy access to the capital for public appearances and engagements.

There's also the children's schooling to consider: whilst a new prep school in Berkshire is reportedly being eyed up for Prince George, Princess Charlotte is said to be happy at St Thomas's in Battersea and Prince Louis may well join her.

Either way, we're sure there'll be many more special trips to Wales to come for the royal couple and their young family.

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