Kate is 'subversively modifying' the monarchy to protect George, Charlotte and Louis

She want to 'control it in such a way that they will not be damaged by it'

Kate Middleton
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The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton has often spoken about how she parents her three young children, Prince George, 9, Princess Charlotte, 8 and Prince Louis, 5. 

Not only has she ripped up the royal rule book when it comes to parenting traditions within the monarchy, but she has also discussed how she gently disciplines her little ones and experts regularly comment on her 'hands off' approach - something which is considered a much more modern take within the royal family.

In the past, it has been reported that Kate and William have made it their priority to give George, Charlotte and Louis adequate privacy, and they want the young royals to enjoy as 'normal' a childhood as possible.

Now, author Tom Quinn has claimed that the Princess is not only keen for her three little ones to have the same freedoms as their friends and peers at school, but that she is also conscious of the impact that royal life could have on them - and is committed to ensuring that it doesn't 'damage' them. 

He says: "I have heard that Kate has been very good at both accepting the way the system works, but also slightly subversively modifying it.

"She insisted that William was involved in bedtime, reading to the kids and bathing them, and they split the school run.

"She doesn’t like the press attention on the children but having not suffered it herself as a child she has a less emotional attitude."

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Quinn added that Kate has established boundaries with the press and photographers when it comes to her children, saying: "She believes she can control it in such a way that they will not be damaged by it.

"And to be fair, it has worked - the paparazzi don’t hang around the school gates anymore. They are allowed some freedom."

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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