The funniest Donald Trump online searches are pretty lol

'What shade of orange is Donald Trump?'

Donald Trump
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'What shade of orange is Donald Trump?'

Now that President Donald Trump has had his first 100 days in office, the online searches around him have continued to skyrocket.

Search Intelligence company Captify looked into what people are searching for around the President and some of the results are way more inventive than Donald Trump quotes and it's not just why Donald Trump and Melania don’t sleep in the same bed.

Funniest online searches for President Trump

Can the Queen of England kill Trump with a sword?

Is Donald Trump going to make America great again. Is he?

Please help. I look like Trump

Can I call my baby Trump?

How is Trump’s wife so pretty?

How to get my cat to look like Trump?

Has Trump been abducted for a lookalike?

What shade of orange is Donald Trump?

Does Trump’s backside stick out when he runs?

Who would win Hulk or Trump?

Donald Trump’s skincare routine

Donald Trump hair tutorials

Specific reasons for Melania marrying Trump

Frustrated with granny who lies about being a Trump supporter

Donald Trump mini-comb

Does Donald Trump lick Oreos too?

Does Trump sit down when on the toilet?

Trump is afraid of coasters

How to invite Trump for waffles?

Has Trump ever worn jeans?

The orange one is our personal favourite TBH.

Delphine Chui