Stop everything: new emojis are coming

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  • It's official, words are dead

    Just like the ancient Egyptians before us, we’ve apparently decided that conveying our every thought through the medium of pictures is infinitely superior to using words, so the addition of new emojis is big, big news (look, we’re well aware of the irony that this piece is written in words, not emojis but hey, just call us old school).

    A massive 72 new emojis are about to drop and they’re pretty much everything we’ve been dreaming of. There’s finally a bacon emoji and even more excitingly, after years of hoping and praying, it’s finally happened – we’ve got an avocado emoji. Making brunch plans will never be the same again.

    As well as exciting new food additions, there’s the face-palm, which is going to make arguing with strangers on Twitter or commenting on offensive Facebook statuses infinitely easier. We’re also getting the one eyebrow raised face, otherwise known as ‘bitch please’. So, if you’re feeling passive aggressive there’s no need to resort to actual language.

    Amongst the 72 characters there are also lots more animals, including a gorilla, fox face, deer, rhinoceros, bat, eagle, duck, owl, lizard, shark, shrimp, squid and butterfly.

    The reaction hasn’t been one hundred percent positive though. The language has come under fire for its representation of women, as users were hoping that the new release might include some more exciting professional female characters. The current female ‘career’ emoijs are limited to a princess and a bride, whereas the male ones include spy, construction worker, policeman and guardsman, which does seem a bit unfair. If we can have a creepy clown emoji, surely we could have a woman with a proper job?

    In other emoji news, the Bible has been translated into emoji form. The entirety of the book has been translated, from Genesis through to Revelation, featuring God as a smiley yellow face with a halo. The creator, who was raised Christian and read the whole of the Good book, felt it was a bit on the long side, and that in emoji form it might be a more concise read, but has maintained that the emoji bible is a genuine attempt to bring scripture to a wider audience.

    So if you feel like brushing up on your religious texts, why not do it in Unicode?

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