Stop Everything: The Emoji Keyboard Has Landed

This has made our week.

Emoji Keyboard

This has made our week.

October was a great month for emojis, with the arrival of snazzy new emoticons and even the epic vagina emoji - and now November looks like it's going to be even better, with the news that the emoji keyboard has finally come into our lives.

Thanks to EmojiWorks, you can now buy a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard for Macs, iPhones and iPads, and type those emojis away to your heart's content.

And as much as we love our iPhones, we have to admit that typing all those unicorns, tacos and champagne bottles will be a damn sight easier on a keyboard - and with all the latest emoji available on the keyboard, it's right up to date.

Each key on the board has one, two or three emojis, which can be activated by pressing a special key, kinda like 'shift'.

The website proclaims 'You deserve more than 26 letters. Hey Internet, your vocabulary has grown but your tools haven't. We redesigned the keyboard for the alphabet of emotion and the language of the Internet.'

Couldn't agree more.

There are three types of emoji keyboard available - one with 47 emojis, which is $79.95, one with 94, which also has skin tone modifiers, which is $89.95, and one with over 120 emoji and skin tone modifiers which is $99.95.

Erm, we think we know which one we'll be going for...

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