Move over avocado: there's now a new emoji you never knew you needed...

An online petition seems to thinks so. It’s time to move aside Mr. Aubergine…


An online petition seems to thinks so. It’s time to move aside Mr. Aubergine…

Suffice to say that no message is now complete without an emoji - or five. And for those who use them with frequency, you'll be delighted to know that an online petition has been started to get a 'brunch' emoji added to the emoji back catalogue.

That’s right – the UK’s trendiest meal could be getting the ultimate stamp of approval: it’s very own emoji.

British bar chain All Bar One are the folk behind the latest petition, calling on emoji developers, Unicode, to get the icon into production and onto everyone's keypad. And without further ado - this is what they're proposing it should look like...

Featuring a graphic compilation of sliced avocado, a fried egg and filleted smoked salmon on a rectangular plate (hey - it's brunch okay?) covered in - we're assuming - garnish, no less.

Marvel at the detail, people.

Discussing the campaign, Kate Dell, assistant marketing manager at All Bar One explained: 'Texts, tweets and social posts are never quite complete these days without a suitable emoji... A sassy lady to an aubergine, a trumpet to a cheeky monkey – when there are no words, there are emojis.'

For many however, this newest emoji can't arrive too quickly.

Think of all those lazy Sunday mornings when you have struggled to summarise your eggs benedict in pictorial format. No longer will you have to make do with a fried egg or a very questionable looking sashimi - your prayers may soon be answered by the emoji gods - and All Bar One.

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