You’ll never guess why Zara is called Zara

Good knowledge for the pub quiz

In today’s fashion lesson (remember how we learned how to pronounce ASOS and what H&M stands for?): how did Zara get its name?

We have always been so obsessed with the clothes that we’ve never stopped to think what ‘Zara’ actually means, until now.

Well you might be surprised to know that wasn’t even the high street store’s original name.

Amancio Ortega, the founder, opened the first store in 1975 in A Coruña Galicia, Spain, and named in Zorba, after the classic film Zorba the Greek.

However he soon realised that just two blocks away, there was a bar called the exact same thing.

He already had the letters made for the store sign, so he simply re-arranged them to form the word ‘Zara’ (it’s thought the extra a came from a spare set of letters).

Now ‘Zara’ doesn’t actually mean anything, but we can all agree it’s very catchy.

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