The one detail you never noticed about the Queen’s outfits

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  • As we all know by now, the Queen leaves nothing to chance when she gets dressed in the morning. From her pearl necklaces, to the brooches she trolls Trump with, every little detail is thought-out.

    Right down to her umbrellas. You’ll have noticed her Majesty is a fan of colour, there is literally no shade she doesn’t wear, from bright orange to purple, yellow, blue and red, pink, yellow… you get the drift.

    In fact, it’s said she exclusively wears bright colours, so she can stand out from the crowd on public outings.

    Now the Queen is all about co-ordinating, and she often wears matching accessories, such as a hat in the same shade as her coat.

    And the people over at Bored Panda noticed that she even made sure her umbrella blended in with her outfit.

    If you look back at pictures of HRH on a rainy day, you’ll noticed that she always carried a clear umbrella, presumably so she can see and be seen, and that it features a colourful rim to match whatever she’s wearing that day.

    Sometimes, it’s black to match her handbag, others it’s turquoise to match her coat. It certainly seems like she has a whole wardrobe of them so that it never clashes.

    Is there nothing she doesn’t think of? No would be the answer.

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