Primark is called something totally different in Ireland

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  • Who knew?

    You know when you realised you’d been pronouncing ASOS wrong your whole life? Well it turns out you’ve been using the wrong name for Primark too. We kid you not.

    In case you weren’t aware of it, Primark (or Primarni if you like to be posh about it), was started in Ireland in 1962, and it was called Penneys. Which makes sense, given how cheap it is.

    But when the founders brought it to the UK in the 70s, they had to change the name for legal reasons, basically so they couldn’t be sued by US retailer J. C. Penney.

    It’s still called Penneys over in Ireland, but funnily enough, there has been some confusion on Twitter, with people thinking it’s just a completely separate cool Irish brand that hasn’t made it over here yet.

    It’s cool, we’ll give you that, but yeah, it’s the same thing as Primark.

    We’ll let you decide which name you prefer.

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