These are the three fabrics to wear in the heatwave

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  • ICYMI, there is a heatwave going on, and whilst it would be quite lovely to walk around in nothing more than a bikini, that might raise a few HR complaints.

    So the next best thing is something lightweight such as a breezy summer dress, and the key is in the fabric. Pick your fabric well, and you can even get away with a suit if your job requires it.

    You want something that will let your skin breath and as natural as possible, to minimise those sweat patches. In other words, denim and polyester are absolutely a no go.

    Linen: Top of the desirable fabrics list for summer is linen of course. It’s super natural, doesn’t cling to your body, is highly absorbant and dries quickly, meaning that if you do sweat, it’s not a big deal.

    Cotton: Another great natural fabric to opt for is cotton, even better if it’s organic. It’s lightweight and lets skin breath, however it does stain quickly with sweat patches, so opt for white or black so it won’t show up as much.

    Silk: You can’t beat a silk slip dress in the heat, and there’s a reason why. Silk is super light so does feel like you’re wearing next to nothing. Do go up a size though as silk isn’t as breathable and will stick uncomfortably to sweaty skin.

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