The special reason why Kate Middleton dresses her children in the same outfits

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Kate Middleton is known to be one of the most relatable royals, whether it's because she is happy to openly discuss how she disciplines her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, or simply because she decided against an expensive makeup artist for her wedding day, instead opting to create her own stunning bridal look.

The Duchess of Cambridge has also been praised for regularly recycling outfits, whether it's to a wedding (reportedly to ensure she doesn't upstage the bride) or to a formal royal engagement. Rather than constantly buying and wearing new outfits - and as a royal, she must have good access to countless pieces and brands - Kate often supports smaller businesses and chooses to re-wear her favourite dresses, coats and shoes.

The royal has shared clothes between her three children, too. Charlotte wore her older brother's jumper as part of a family Christmas card photoshoot, and Louis has also worn the eldest Cambridge child's clothes, sporting the bloomers that George was seen wearing when he was a toddler.

So why does Kate often dress George, Charlotte and Louis in the same outfits?

Talking to, Head of Buying at Pure Collection, Kate Stacey, said that the Duchess is keen to champion sustainability, and she is able to do this when it comes to reusing outfits for her three children.

She revealed: 'The Duchess also leads in her efforts to dress sustainably and will wear the same items more than once.

'This sends a positive message and shows that she is unafraid to recycle classics.'

What a brilliant message Kate is sharing!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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