Well, This Is Certainly A New Look For Rihanna

Rihanna covered up her boobs and bum and made a surprisingly demure, ladylike fashion statement

Rihanna loves showing off her lady parts in revealing outfits that bend (okay, break) society’s rules of decency. (They also break Instagram’s rules of decency… but more on that later.)

So imagine our surprise when we spotted Ms. RiRi looking downright demure in a lovely baby-pink dress at the Dior Cruise Fashion Show on Wednesday.
Her satin Dior dress had a high neckline and a modest hemline — and it wasn’t the least bit see-through. She finished off the pretty look with a dainty handbag, killer heels, just enough pearls and a high ponytail worthy of a bubbly cheerleader.

Just a mere three days ago, Rihanna was giving us exposed abs and full-on bum cleavage. So what’s behind her ladylike transformation?
Well, one theory could be that she’s determined to change her ways after reportedly being booted from Instagram. Her Instagram profile, BadGalRiri, has been deleted — and word on the street is that the site shut her down for repeatedly violating their rules against nudity. 
Was that slap on the wrist enough to convince RiRi to cover up? Err… probably not.
It’s more likely that RiRi just liked the look. (And why shouldn’t she? It’s gorgeous.) Plus, she does love to keep us on our toes by changing up her style. Which is exactly why she deserves that CFDA Fashion Icon Award
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