Robert Pattinson worries about the end of Twilight

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  • The young actor is nervous about his career, when he's no longer playing Edward Cullen.

    After all the success of Twilight, Robert Pattinson is concerned about what comes next.

    Life has definitely changed for the Brit actor since he was cast as a virtual unknown to play the lead in the Twilight saga.

    Speaking to, he revealed that ‘Before Twilight, I did any movie that I got [offered], and you’d try and make the best of it afterwards. But now, you’re expected to come into the movie and provide not only economic viability, but also a performance as well. You can’t just mess around. People are like, “We’re employing you to be here, as a star and an actor.” It’s difficult, and it’s scary.’

    Before being cast in Twilight, Pattinson had only starred in one other feature film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and film roles were few and far between. ‘It’s definitely different,’ he tells ‘You get offered stuff that you would never dream of getting offered before, but that’s also scary. You don’t have to audition for anything. [But] I don’t want to do a movie just so it gets made. You have to question yourself a lot more.’

    But considering what the young actor has lined up, we’re sure he’s set to learn from the best. ‘I’m doing – I hope – a Western with Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman called Unbound Captives. They’ve got to try and juggle things around until everybody’s schedules work.’ And that’s along with Bel Ami co-starring Uma Therman and his 2010 release, Remember Me with Pierce Brosnan.

    We’re certain Rob will do just fine.




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