Bryan Adams has addressed those Princess Diana dating rumours

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  • Time to put that song on repeat again

    Ever since Bryan Adams released his song Diana where he croons about the ‘queen of all my dreams’, people have long speculated that something happened between the singer and the late Princess Diana. Decades after her passing, the singer finally opened up about their alleged relationship yesterday and we need more details.

    On an episode of Watch What Happens Live, the host Andy Cohen asked Bryan, ‘There are many rumours that you and Princess Diana were once romantically involved, and her butler said that he used to sneak you into Kensington Palace. How would you characterise your relationship?’

    Bryan responded instantly, ‘Great friends.’

    bryan adams princess diana relationship


    He continued, ‘She didn’t sneak me in. I would just roll up.’

    ‘Friends with benefits?’ Andy asked hopefully.

    ‘She was just – we were just friends,’ Bryan reiterated.

    Although Bryan may have dashed our hopes that the two had a secret romance, Diana at the very least suggests he was super fond of her with lyrics like ‘Diana just can’t get you off my mind / Diana why don’t you leave it all behind / Diana she is queen of all my dreams / Diana gimme dreams, I’ll set you free’.

    And you don’t need to squint too hard to imagine that the other man he’s referencing who has ‘lots of dough but…ain’t right for you’ is a reference to Prince Charles.

    After attending her passing however, Bryan stopped performing Diana at any of his concerts and was at her funeral in 1997.

    Bryan was incredibly forthcoming with his answers to other questions, including one about the time he sent a dick pic to Sir Elton John for his birthday. He explained that it was the ‘first and only time’ he had ever given somebody one. Instead of snapchatting it over like today’s crew, he actually printed out a picture of his instrument and framed it for his friend. However, it wasn’t good enough for Sir Elton.

    ‘When I gave it to him in the frame, he said, ‘I’m gonna change that frame.’ So now, it’s in a very gold frame. It’s on his mantelpiece,’ Bryan said.

    …any chance we can pop round for tea, Elton?

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