Can you spot what’s wrong with all of Charles and Diana’s photos?

How did we not spot this before?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

It’s a familiar feeling – you’ve watched a film for the 245th time (probably Mean Girls) and then you suddenly realise that there’s a tiny moment that you’ve never actually noticed before. How did you miss it? You’ve seen it 245 times, for goodness sake!

Well a similar feeling has struck as the internet realised that there’s something pretty odd about all of the professional photos of Prince Charles and Princess Diana during their 15-year marriage. Yes, all of them.

One Twitter user pointed out that in their photographs, Prince Charles appears to be inches taller than Princess Diana.

However, the couple were actually the exact same height.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were both 5ft 8, or 1.78m, and when you take a look at a full length picture of the former couple standing next to each other, it’s indisputable.


Princess Diana Prince Charles

But why would Kensington Palace feel the need to give off the illusion that Prince Charles was much taller than his wife? Twitter users have a few ideas, as they pointed out that it could have been an attempt to make Charles appear more ‘masculine’.

‘One may/may not recall the lengths to which the couple (the crown?) went to disguise #LadyDiana’s height. #Conformity #Sexim,’ one user wrote.

What do you think?

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