Brad Pitt talks candidly about forgiveness and his past mistakes

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  • Since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their split in 2016, the former couple has spoken separately about the breakdown of their relationship. Angelina opened up about their split, sharing that she has ‘invisible scars’ and opening up about how her strength comes from her children.

    Brad has also given candid interviews, talking about battling his demons and his decision to join Alcoholics Anonymous.

    In an interview with the New York Times earlier this year, Brad explained: ‘I had taken things as far as I could take it, so I removed my drinking privileges.

    ‘You had all these men sitting around being open and honest in a way I have never heard. It was this safe space where there was little judgement, and therefore little judgement of yourself. It was actually really freeing just to expose the ugly sides of yourself.’

    During an recent conversation with fellow actor Anthony Hopkins for Interview magazine, Brad spoke about how he has learned to forgive himself for his mistakes, saying: ‘I’m realising, as a real act of forgiveness for myself for all the choices that I’ve made that I’m not proud of, that I value those missteps, because they led to some wisdom, which led to something else.

    ‘You can’t have one without the other. I see it as something I’m just now getting my arms around at this time in my life. But I certainly don’t feel like I can take credit for any of it.’

    The actor also spoke about his decision to quit drinking following his struggles with alcohol, continuing: ‘Well, I just saw it as a disservice to myself, as an escape.’

    But the A-lister says he is more interested in the growth that occurs after people make mistakes, adding that there is a ‘beauty’ to it – calling it ‘invigorating and interesting’ – and admitting he no longer finds himself musing about the ways he has messed up in the past.

    When Hopkins called Brad ‘as laid back as ever’, he replied: ‘But I lose it at times. I get sucked into something, and I can lose it. I take my hands off the wheel… I’m human.’

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