This no rinse conditioner is set to cut your water bill and carbon footprint

Say hello to saving time, money and the environment

This no rinse conditioner is set to cut your water bill and carbon footprint
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Say hello to saving time, money and the environment

Just when we thought we had our hair routines nailed, Garnier is turning it on its head. The brand's newest launch, a no rinse conditioner, will see you waving goodbye to your traditional shower routine.

The newest conditioning innovation will have you getting out of the shower straight after shampooing. Instead of shaving, cleansing, or whatever else you do in the time you wait for your product to get to work, you can hop straight out of the bathroom, leaving your conditioner where it is. 


Garnier Ultimate Blends No Rinse Conditioner, £6.99 | Superdrug 
The newest addition to the brands iconic Ultimate Blends range is a water saver and a shower saviour. Get revived, protected and strengthened hair without the rinse.

By applying the no rinse conditioner to damp hair, combing it through and dry styling as normal, you will be saving around 100 litres of water per tube. This means you’ll not only be saving water with every wash, but you’ll also be cutting down on the cost of bills - something lots of people need to be more conscious of entering 2022. 

How does a no rinse conditioner help the planet? 

The United Nations noted that people in the UK use around 150 litres of water a day and global water demand has increased by 600% in the last 100 years. This overuse has large consequences for the Earth and the people living on it. Water stress not only leads to less sanitation and food security but also is a direct consequence of climate change

Recent research carried out by Garnier, as part of its One Green Step campaign, shows that whilst 75% of Brits want to be more sustainable, only 9% of people think they are acting to protect the environment. That’s why switching to a no-rinse conditioner is a simple but effective change towards a more planet-friendly daily routine.

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The time-saving product, which cuts your showers in half, is formulated from 98% natural origin ingredients. And, it is packaged in a cardboard tube that uses 75% less plastic. So, fewer chemical nasties and landfill waste too. 

Will it make my hair greasy?

Quick answer, no. Thanks to the hydrating, nourishing and strengthening natural formulations, which are also silicone free, your hair will feel as natural as normal. The hero ingredients of the range are aloe vera, honey, oat and Argan oil. All of them are light and sustainably sourced. Oh, and they smell great too. 

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