The 34 Best Internet Reactions To Leo DiCaprio Winning An Oscar

He won! He *finally* won!

He won! He *finally* won!

We can all now rest easy, as Leo DiCaprio has *finally* won an Oscar.

After an epic 12 year wait, Leo’s name was called and he can now officially add ‘Oscar winning actor’ to his CV among ‘serial supermodel dater’ and ‘Martin Scorsese’s pal.' And as predicted, the Internet did not disappoint with its reactions. First came the overly emotional tweets, second came the memes and third came the photoshopped pictures of topless Leo running, Oscar in hand.

Having first been nominated for the Best Supporting Actor gong all the way back in 1994 for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape and then gone on to be nominated a further three times for the Best Actor gong for his roles in The Aviator (2005), Blood Diamond (2007) and The Wolf of Wall Street (2014) all eyes have been on Leo for the last 12 years to win big, yet until now he's always had to crack out the 'humble loser' face right at the last minute (and might we say, he definitely had that down to a T).

But this year was different. Leo's performance in The Revenant - which was shot in sub-zero conditions over 7 months - was raved about (not forgetting *that* infamous scene with the bear) and bagged him just about every other award under the sun, as well as becoming the biggest Oscar favourite in betting history with his odds at a cool 1/100. There was even a game created where you could help Leo win while a whole host of memes were dedicated to his plight.

Now the little gold man is well and truly in the bag, here are the Internet's best reactions to Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar...

Lee Aylett