Rooting For Leonardo DiCaprio? There's A New Game To Get Him That Oscar...

You can bring Leo a step closer to Oscar's glory with this addictive game called 'Leo's Red Carpet Rampage'...

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
(Image credit: Rex)

You can bring Leo a step closer to Oscar's glory with this addictive game called 'Leo's Red Carpet Rampage'...

We're all rooting for Leo this Oscars' season but, unbelievably, he hasn't been lucky with his Academy Awards wins. But now, some genius developers have made a seriously addictive game out of Leo's Oscar-struggles and it’s sooo much fun.

Yep, Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage takes note of the fact that the actor has been nominated for an Oscar four times, and invites you to be Leo and out-race half of Hollywood down a virtual red carpet in order to snag that coveted golden statue.

Obvs... we're already addicted to this, because there's different challenges and bonus levels such as; avoid tripping over Lady Gaga on the red carpet (inspired by the hilariously awks Golden Globes incident), jump over the paps, race Leo’s little legs faster than his A-list competition (Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon) and even a round where you have to locate a black Oscars-nominee in a crowd. (Something tells us that round is particularly tough).

The makers of the game, The Line Animation said on their website that overall aim is to: ‘get Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar or die trying… Collect as many Emmy's and Golden Globes as you can along the way. But beware of pushy photographers and watch out for Lady Gaga... and Icebergs'

And yep, other tasks include trying to write Leo’s acceptance speech, making Leo ‘act harder’ and of course, avoid a Titanic-style Iceberg.

We can just imagine Leonardo DiCaprio hunched up on his phone on the night of the Oscars, (playing himself) in order to get in the zone. And it's not that hard to imagine because the actor has been on a mammoth PR tour for his latest film, The Revenant; attending all the industry events in the run-up to the Oscars (winning at the BAFTAs) and even chatting in Italian in a public meeting with the Pope.

Whatever it takes eh, Leo?


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