This woman's genius hack will change the way you travel

So good.

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So good.

This month was supposed to be 'scorching June' (good one, guys) but so far the weather has been a bit disappointing, wet and pretty grey. A heatwave is reportedly coming to the UK in the next few weeks, so until then we'll be dreaming of a trip (Antigua, anyone?) and imagining ourselves sipping bubbly on the beach.

If you've actually booked a holiday, firstly: not jealous at all. Secondly, you'll be deciding which summer dresses and beauty travel kits to pack.

But there's one suitcase essential you have probably never thought about.

When one woman decided to share her genius travel hack with the world, everyone stopped for a second to ask why they'd never thought of it before.

Twitter user @sashals_ said that she brings a multi-plug extension lead with her when travelling to save her bringing multiple adaptors. So simple, so brilliant.

She wrote: 'Am I the only person who takes an extension lead on holidays instead of taking a dozen plug adaptors?'

It will save you money on expensive adaptors, space in your luggage and means you and your travel companions can charge all your gadgets at once without starting a plug war.

Her Twitter followers were amazed with the hack, and one commented: 'Brilliant, never thought of it!'

Another added: 'Genius!!!!! I'll be doing that from now on.'

'Why haven't I thought of this?' a third wrote.

And one person summed it up completely, tweeting: 'It's so obvious, I've failed at life.'

A few people have backed the hack, admitting that it has saved endless arguments.

Adding it to our packing list immediately.

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