There’s a really easy way to avoid border control queues at the airport

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  • Simple.

    It’s hard to believe that it’s summer in the UK right now. Despite promises of a ‘sizzling June’ we’re still wrapped up in jumpers and bringing an umbrella to work.

    So what’s the solution? Book yourself a getaway to wherever the sun actually is, pack your best swimwear and summer dresses and head off to one of the most Instagrammable Airbnbs.

    But before you get settled in your swanky accommodation, you’ll have to get off the plane, hope your bags haven’t disappeared mid-air and get yourself through border control, and the latter can take a while. While the ePassport gates are there to make your entry seamless, sometimes the machines just don’t play ball and you have to make your way to another queue and go through security.

    However, there’s a really simple way to avoid delays according to Feel Good Contracts.

    According to the website, there are a few things you can do to make sure your time spent in the airport is minimal once you’ve landed – and when you get home from your holiday.

    The research shows that the most common reasons for the ePassport gates not recognising you is if you’re hungover, tired or have facial hair. Apparently, when you’re hungover or tired it alters your face, making it harder for the machine to recognise you and match you up to your passport photo, and facial hair obscures part of your face.

    Over the course of a year, this causes 9,000 hours of delays across UK airports.

    Kevin Smith, Head of Technology at facial recognition specialist Credas, said: ‘Improvements in technology now mean that around just one per cent of passengers fail ePassport tests. However, this does mount up when you consider the sheer amount of passengers passing through the terminals of the UK’s airports on a daily basis.

    ‘Facial recognition is no doubt one of the most important developments in airport security in recent years, but it’s important to remember that errors can still be made, particularly if a passenger’s passport photo is particularly old.’

     So there you have it.

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