Flight attendant shares 'evil' passenger habit that we've all done at least once


Flight habits to avoid travel hacks
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When it comes to travel etiquette, there are some things that people will never agree on. Is it okay to recline your seat if you're not on a red eye flight? Does it make you a bad person if you deny a seat swap with a child? And should you ever pace the plane aisles with your shoes off? One industry insider can help you with the last one - and it's a solid no.

Over the years, flight attendants have also been taking to social media to share the best travel hacks, from the seats you should never book to the failsafe sleep tricks. This insider knowledge will also put you off drinking water the next time you fly. But when TikToker flight attendant @cherdallas shared her list of 'heinous evil diabolic things' that passengers do, it definitely surprised some users.

In a video shared earlier this year, she listed a surprising flight faux pas that we're all guilty of - keeping drinks or bottles in our hand luggage when they're stored in the overhead compartments. Oops. She explained: "Putting any type of bottle that has liquid in it in the overhead bin. Every single time, without fail, that water bottle, as soon as we take off, is going to leak inside the bin."

Although it may seem like a relatively inoffensive act, she continued: "Not only does that soak everybody else’s bags, the water always picks one person and it’ll follow a stream and completely dump out of the bin onto one person."


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In the video, which has been liked over 1,500 times, she states that additional unacceptable behaviour includes: deciding to fly when you're feeling really unwell, and going to the bathroom during turbulence - especially 'as a man'. She added that this is why the toilet rolls are the 'most disgusting thing on a plane'.


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