A flight attendant has shared her secret to falling asleep on a plane

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    Oh we do love it when flight attendants share their airline secrets with us mere mortals.

    From how to get upgraded before you fly to why flight attendants greet you with their hands behind back, it’s fair to say we’ve learnt a lot from the snippets of information they occasionally feed us.

    Well, flight attendant and travel blogger Kara Mulder has lifted the lid on yet another secret in her latest blog post, The Flight Attendant Life, and it’s a secret we all want the answer to.

    Yes, Kara has finally revealed the secret behind how to fall asleep on an airplane and bypass that dreaded jet lag. And it’s all to do with when you eat.

    Kara’s top tip is to set your watch to the time zone you’re going to be landing in as soon as you board the plane, and eating and sleeping at what would be the appropriate times there. Simple, but effective.

    ‘Do not go to sleep at 1pm. Wait to fall asleep at a regular time. Your body will quickly readjust,’ Kara advises.

    Additionally, ‘if the snack and meal service is not served on your eating schedule, go ahead and pass on the food.’

    Instead Kara suggests to ‘pack your own healthy granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit etc.’

    Oh and ‘be careful and avoid food that cause gastrointestinal distress and be careful not to overeat,’ she warns.

    So, next time you find yourself on a long-haul flight why not give these tips a go and see if it helps?

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