The 'positioning' money-saving travel hack that will save you a fortune on flights

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Positioning travel hack
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With the blustery January weather showing no signs of giving up, it's likely that you're daydreaming about a big 2024 getaway  - particularly if you've used this very handy guide to doubling your annual leave. But no matter how much you visualise yourself on a sun lounger in the Maldives sipping on a spicy margarita, when it comes to long-haul flights the price tag is often less than favourable. And while 'skiplagging' has become a popular way to reduce costs, it's definitely not encouraged - in fact, it has landed some travellers in tricky legal waters. 

So, what's someone with a hankering for holidays and a humble bank balance to do? Well, it turns out there is a very easy way to save a chunk of money on your long-haul flights, and it could actually reduce your flight price by hundreds - and sometimes thousands - of pounds. 

Dubbed the 'positioning' flight hack, it's a way for passengers to get to their chosen destination via another international airport. For example, once you've decided on where you want to go, check the price of a flight from your local airport to a domestic international airport en route first. Then, check the price of a flight from said airport to your desired destination. Think of it as setting up your own layover or connecting flights but booking them separately instead of through an airline or agent.

For example, before you book a direct flight from London to Hong Kong, see if you can find a bargain flight to Paris, Frankfurt or Rome first, and if the onwards flight to Hong Kong is cheaper from there.

Of course, it takes a bit of time researching the flight routes, and it's also worth noting that you'll have to make sure there is enough time between the flights as you are booking the journeys separately so won't be covered if there are delays. Plus, it should also be noted that journeys with multiple flights are less environmentally-friendly than a direct offering. But travel bloggers appear to be in agreement that it can be a really helpful hack if you are hoping to make some noticeable savings.

Happy travels!

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