These are the most haunted places in the UK if you’re looking for guaranteed chills

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  • Haunted houses UK – how to find the spookiest spots…

    Autumn has rolled around quicker than you can say pumpkin, so dust of your Halloween costume if you’ve got a big night planned and take a look at some of these Halloween makeup ideas.

    Otherwise light the Halloween Yankee Candles, run a bath and make sure you’ve stocked up on the Lush Halloween bath bombs. If you’re feeling brave you might even want to stick on a scary film.

    But if you like things super spooky and watching The Ring in the dark doesn’t cut it, have you thought about visiting one of the UK’s most haunted houses?

    Authentic Vacations has listed the scariest places across the country if you love a good ghost story and aren’t afraid to head into a place known for ghosts and ghouls.

    To find out which spots are the spookiest, they analysed the number of mentions in ‘most haunted’ articles online as well as taking into account the TripAdvisor reviews. Each place was then ranked by mentions and percentage of scary reviews to get a total score.

    So what are you waiting for? Grab your coat and head down to the most haunted houses, pubs and castles in the UK…

    Haunted Houses UK

    Ancient Ram Inn

    Location: Gloucestershire

    ‘Scare score’: 83/100

    Chillingham Castle


    ‘Scare score’: 64/100

    Skirrid Mountain Inn

    Location: Abergavenny

    ‘Scare score’: 59/100

    Pendle Hill

    Location: Lancashire

    ‘Scare score’: 58/100

    Berry Pomeroy

    Location: Devon

    ‘Scare score’: 56/100

    Golden Fleece

    Location: York

    ‘Scare score’: 51/100

    Tower of London

    Locations: London

    ‘Scare score’: 50/100

    Schooner Hotel

    Location: Northumberland

    ‘Scare score’: 45/100

    Tulloch Castle Hotel

    Location: Scotland

    ‘Scare score’: 43/100

    Woodchester Mansion

    Location: Gloucestershire

    ‘Scare score’: 37/100

    Will you be booking a trip to one of the most haunted houses in the UK?

    If you do, you’re braver than us.


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