A beautiful Harry Potter tearoom exists and it’s the stuff of dreams

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  • There are so many brilliant Harry Potter experiences to be had, whether you want to stay at Hogwarts themed Airbnb, attempt a virtual Harry Potter escape room or simply enjoy a 3,000 piece puzzle from the comfort of your own home.

    But now there’s something extra special coming to the UK – a Harry Potter inspired tea room.

    Oh yes, if you head to The Steel Cauldron in Sheffield you’re in for a magical treat. It’s populated with suitcases, leather-bound books and mismatched chairs to really transport you to the wizarding world. There’s even a giant tree in the centre reminiscent of the Whomping Willow, and cabinets filled with a number of trinkets and treasures like quill pens and scrolls.

    harry potter tea rooms

    Credit: The Steel Cauldron

    If you want to enjoy the Wizards Tea it’ll cost just £15 and includes Yorkshire Cauldrons which are sweet and savoury puds filled with delights such as Yorkshire rarebit or salted butterscotch ice cream. There are also ‘surprise parcels’ like those delivered to Hogwarts via owl, but instead you’ll be getting a bit of gingercake, as well as chocolate frogs and magic beans. But don’t worry, they aren’t Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans so you won’t run the risk of biting into sweet tasting of dirt.

    And that’s not all. There’s also a butterscotch beer shake to enjoy alongside your tea.

    harry potter tea rooms

    Credit: The Steel Cauldron

    The owners have also turned the upper floor into a HP-themed apartment for those who want to stay over in magical dwellings. Apparently, there’s even a brick wall which opens to reveal Diagon Alley. Really.

    Extra? Yes. But wonderful? Also yes.

    Co-owner Rob and wife Nikki told The Star that they were also planning to run workshops like wand-making and potion-brewing for all the witches and wizards out there.

    ‘I think people were ready for some magic, after the year we’ve had so far,’ he said.

    ‘When we first promoted the website last month, we got 1,000 thousand subscriptions in a day.

    ‘Once we were ready to launch our Wizards Tea, we emailed those 1,000 people, and got 700 bookings in an hour, so there’s definitely an appetite for what we’re doing here.’

    The venue opened on 31st July and has already taken 3,000 bookings for August.

    We’re heading there ASAP.

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