Ever wondered? Just in: these are officially the UK’s favourite sex positions

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  • Plus, what your favourite position says about your personality.

    Last week, we bought you a round up of new sex positions to try, after stats revealed 48% of Brits experimented sexually during lockdown. (We like to think that our best sex toys round-up might have had something to do with that. You’re welcome.) We’ve even written about the most searched sex positions in the UK, because, well, you know, good to know what others are attempting to figure out how to do, too. And this week? Well, we’ve got a round up of the UK’s favourite sex moves, according to new research from Bed SOS.

    Yep, you read that right – the UK’s most popular sex positions have been revealed in a new study, and sex coach Juliette Karaman has revealed what the findings – and preferred techniques – say about you (apparently it’s a lot more than you’d think).

    Buckle up.

    The UK’s favourite sex positions, revealed

    The research surveyed 2000 respondents across the UK. Fun fact: most Brits would rather their partner were on top, regardless of their gender. That is, 36% of women prefer it compared to 16% of men.

    It wasn’t the top choice for men, though: 25% of men say doggy style is their preferred position.

    While missionary was the clear winner for women, cowgirl was still up there as a favourite, with 8% of the vote.

    Spooning sex position, on the other hand, was favoured by 6% of women respondents and 3% of men.

    Is there an age difference? Interestingly, not really – missionary (aka, sex with the partner on top) was most popular for all age groups, from Gen Z to pensioners. The only exception was millennials, aged 25 to 44, who’s votes revealed that they prefer doggy style.

    Plus, did you know? The research concluded that there aren’t any positions that millennials weren’t willing to try.

    The least popular sex techniques included standing up in the shower and the lazy dog position – an easier version of doggy style where the man lies on top of the woman – at 2% and 1% respectively. But joint in last position was the lotus position, where you sit face to face with your arms and legs tightly wrapped around each other), alongside having sex over the edge of the bed. Both got only 0.6% of votes.

    It’s worth noting here, the study doesn’t have the biggest sample size, but the stats are still interesting.

    What your favourite sex position says about you

    So, what does the research reveal—and what does your favourite position say about you? Good question. According to Juliette Karaman, a sex and intimacy coach at Feel Fully You, your go-to technique can also say a lot about your personality.

    “There are so many different ways to have sex – it all comes down to personal preference. But however you go about it, what’s important is making sure that yourself and your partner both feel comfortable and safe, and that you both enjoy the experience,” she shares.

    UK's favourite sex positions, revealed

    You prefer… Missionary position with partner on top (27%)

    What the expert says this says about you: “This position is often preferred by people who are shy and lacking in self-assurance, Karaman shares. “More popular with women than with men, having sex like this allows the partner to take the lead, whilst also feeling connected because of the eye contact and being able to kiss.”

    You prefer… Doggy style (20%)

    What the expert says this says about you: “Doggy style is much less connecting for partners as there is no eye contact,” the sex-pert explains. “The nature of this technique offers deeper penetration and pleasure for men, though might not be as comfortable for the receiving partner, especially if the man is well endowed. Most popular with men, doggy style allows them to fantasise, as it doesn’t require looking into their partner’s face.”

    You prefer… Missionary position with partner on bottom (15%)

    What the expert says this says about you: “Allowing couples to kiss and look into each other’s eyes during the manoeuvre, missionary is a very intimate position in the bedroom,” she goes on. “Preferring to have your partner on the bottom suggests that you are confident and not afraid to take control.”

    You prefer… Cowgirl (8%)

    What the expert says this says about you: “The cowgirl position is very visual for men as they can look up and see their partner’s whole body,” Karaman shares. “The technique can be very pleasurable for women as it allows them to control the stimulation of the clitoris with their movement. Opting regularly for cowgirl in the bedroom suggests that you are at ease with your body and are comfortable with your partner.”

    On the subject of clitoral stimulation – check out our guides to the best vibrators, while you’re at it.

    You prefer… Spooning (4%)

    What the expert says this says about you: “Having sex in the spooning position can be very comforting for the little spoon as they are being held by their partner,” she adds. “It is more of a surrendered position for the little spoon, though it allows an element of control as the depth of penetration can be varied with the positioning of legs.”

    So what do you reckon–and which is your favourite?

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