Ooh! These are the most-searched sex positions in the UK

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  • What are Britain’s favourite sex positions, you wonder? Well, the wait is over...

    With more time on our hands, it  seems we have been doing some thorough research on the best way to ‘woo’ our loved ones during these unusual times. And by ‘woo’, we mean hungrily Googling sex positions.

    Findings, compiled by OnBuy.com looked at Google search terms to see which moves have sparked the most interest in the UK this year, and according to data (sexy, we know), more than 151,000 Brits searched the ‘Eagle’ sex position pre lockdown in March. That makes it the most-searched position.

    Not familiar? It’s a quirky take on missionary, where the person on the bottom pushing their legs out to either side, like a bird would when spreading its wings.

    The position came to fame when it was discussed on Love Island in 2019, but judging from search terms, it is still very much on people’s minds. Must be a winning formula.

    69 is the second favourite position for us Brits, and is a winner for the residents of Yorkshire and the Humber, with more than 33 per cent rating this as their top choice.

    Coming in third place is Missionary, with a total of 11 cities naming the traditional position as their go-to in the bedroom.

    In fourth place is Cowgirl, followed by Reverse Cowgirl in fifth, with 29 per cent of the North West preferring the latter. Meanwhile, the least-searched for sex positions include Nirvana (the penetrating partner lies on top of the receiving partner with their legs on the outside of the receiving partner’s) and The Shard (lifting your legs as high as you can. Using you for support, your partner then leans on your thighs while you rock back and forth together). Lovely job.

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    Ranked in order, these are the top 10 most-searched sex positions

    1. Eagle – 151,870 in average monthly searches

    2. Missionary – 16,400 in average monthly searches

    3. 69 – 11,510 in average monthly searches

    4. Cowgirl – 11,510 in average monthly searches

    5. Butter churner – 7,600 in average monthly searches

    6. Reverse cowgirl – 4,520 in average monthly searches

    7. Lotus – 3,090 in average monthly searches

    8. Standing – 2,680 in average monthly searches

    9. Spooning – 2,400 in average monthly searches

    10. Anvil – 2,470 in average monthly searches


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