10 of the best sex card games to spice up any Valentine's Day

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Looking for a fun way to spice up your Valentine's day? Well, one of the best sex card games might be the way forward. Unlike the best sex games, you needn't have any prior knowledge of sex positions or roleplay to get in the mood - you simply follow the instructions on the card. Simple, but sexy.

Over 46% of people want to mix things up in the bedroom, according to a survey by sex toy brand Mystery Vibe. Yet, 40% are too scared to bring up the idea of using toys or exploring kinks with their partner. Enter stage right, sex card games: a brilliant way to broach the subject of your desires without embarrassment. 

While getting out your best sex toys is all well and good, playing a sex game together can be a more tantalizing and subtle role of foreplay. Not only will card games dare you to push the boundaries of your sex life, but they can start conversations that lead to deeper emotional connections with your partner. 

A bit like tantric sex and bondage for beginners, sex card games can be a simple (and cheap) way to build some excitement in the bedroom. It's also a cheeky addition to the best home date ideas. Ready? Below, our board of pros shares their go-to sex card games. Our panel of experts includes:

10 best sex card games, according to sex experts:

You've got one of the best sexy Valentine's gifts for couples, sorted...

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