lululemon's Wundermost bodywear almost broke the Internet this week - what we thought as the first to try

It's their softest drop yet.

lululemon Wundermost review: Sofia trying one of the bodysuits
(Image credit: Sofia Piza and Ally Head)

Move over Skims, you've officially got a new rival in town. If you've been on TikTok this week, you'll have seen lululemon's latest launch, their Wundermost bodywear. It's no exaggeration to say the range has gone viral almost immediately, with several styles and colourways selling out within hours of launching.

A bit of background for you on the new designs, first. They've been quite some time in the making, with team lulu sharing that it took their designers two years to get the fabric spot on. Re-vamping their raved-about Nulu fabric - if you own a pair of Align leggings, you'll know how butter-soft it is - it now promises to be softer than ever and in bodysuit, crop top, and vest form.

The collection spans nine new designs in fourteen different colourways, all designed to support you through your day-to-day, and adds to their ever-growing collection of On The Move staple basics. Sharing more details, the team call the clothes "luxurious and versatile" with "a strong focus on embracing your natural form and ensuring comfort throughout your day."

And that they certainly look set to do: the range promises to offer a four-way stretch, sweat-wick, and quick dry for all-day comfort and support, too. Bye-bye, basics that don't support or wash well after a few wears. Hello, elevated basics that last the long run. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? That's why, as the ever-efficient health journalists that we are, we set about putting the bodysuits to the test for you before you invest. Keep scrolling to read our honest review (spoiler alert: they're good). Don't miss our reviews on the ON Cloumonster trainer, Spanx Booty Boost leggings, and lululemon Blissfeel trail shoe, while you're here.

As some of the first in the world to try lululemon's Wundermost range - our thoughts

Wundermost Ultra-Soft Nulu Square-Neck Long-Sleeve Bodysuit

LuLululemon Wundermost review: Sofia testing Wundermost bodysuit

(Image credit: Sofia Piza)

What Producer, Sofia Piza thought when testing: "I don't say this lightly- I love Lululemon's Nulu fabric with a passion so, of course, I was excited to test the new Ultra Nulu fabric and this exciting launch."

"I tested this bodysuit over two days while running errands and working from home. I wanted to make sure I wore the bodysuit while both active and sedentary, and definitely noticed on some pros and cons on both occasions." 

Pros: "As expected, this bodysuit was buttery and all types of soft, feeling like a second layer of skin that hugged my body in all the right places. The form-following fabric made me feel super confident and not overly compressed, as so often happens with bodywear. In terms of sizing, I'm 5'3 and often struggle with bodysuits being a little too long on my body. However, this one felt really true to my usual size and sat comfortably on my upper body while sitting and standing."

"Another massive plus was its layering power. I often struggle to find comfortable bodywear that sits comfortably under chunky, itchy knitwear. This bodysuit did just that. It snugged my body enough to make sure I was warm and able to make the most of my autumnal knits."

Cons: "I definitely expected the material to be a little bit thicker. I like to use my bodywear without a bra for more added comfort. However, I didn't feel comfortable enough to wear this style without a bra as the square neck is a little low on the chest, and struggled to find a bra that wasn't visible with this type of cut."

lululemon Wundermost review: Ally Head

(Image credit: Ally Head)

What Health Editor Ally Head thought when testing: "I couldn't second Sofia enough on this one - what a bodysuit. It's effortlessly easy to put on and pair with your favourite jeans, flares, or leggings - joy in clothing form."

"I love the detail of the square neck design and how elegant the Nulu fabric feels in long sleeve form. As a sweaty individual who's often running from meeting to meeting, I was also pleasantly surprised to notice no sweat patches while testing."

Pros: "Perks of being in the smaller boob club meant I actually felt surprisingly supported in this - I say surprising, as the material feels thin to the touch, but then holds you in like a dream. It was also comfortable to wear throughout the day, something I haven't experienced before with shapewear - it normally digs in or needs unbuttoning come lunchtime."

Cons: "None to note."

Wundermost Ultra-Soft Nulu High-Neck Sleeveless Bodysuit

Lululemon Wundermost review: Sofia testing Wundermost bodysuit

(Image credit: Sofia Piza)

What Producer, Sofia Piza thought when testing: "I was particularly excited to try this bodysuit as spoiler alert: I wear a white top and baggy jeans almost every day. So anytime I'm able to give my outfit formula an upgrade, I'm down to give it a go."

"For this specific bodysuit, I chose a day where I was going to be running around in the office. In my job, I'm always traveling from a shoot location to the office and vice versa so comfort is a key staple in my daily wear." 

Pros: "I am such a fan of high neck cuts and was not disappointed by this one. I felt super confident with how flattering this cut was around my upper body. As a B/C cup I often feel like some high-neck tops highlight my chest. However, I definitely felt like this bodysuit contoured it very elegantly."

"This bodysuit is also a lower bikini cut which works great for low rise jeans (my favourite) so it was great to know that I could move around and carry boxes without constantly checking if the seam was riding up and my hip bone was showing."

Cons: "As I tested the white colour I knew wearing it without a bra was going to be a little bit trickier. But a girl can dream! Regardless, with my breast size I didn't feel like I could take the plunge and wear it without a bra, so I paired a racer-back bra which worked perfectly. As mentioned, this bodysuit also has a low-cut bikini cut on the lower half so it's not as seamless as a thong cut would be for days were you want to pair with tighter trousers and not have seams showing."

Wundermost Ultra-Soft Nulu Crewneck Cropped T-Shirt

What Health Editor Ally Head thought when testing: "Sure, this plain cropped tee doesn't look like much - I even thought as much myself when getting it out of the bag - but, never underestimate the power of a good basic. This top is butter soft, supportive, and has incredible staying power without feeling restrictive."

"I wore mine to work, to an evening meal, and over my sports bra to a Pilates class (but took it off pre-working out). I didn't need to wear a bra with it, although I'm sure if you're better well endowed you may have to. The main perks, for me, were it's softness, sweat-wicking abilities, and supportiveness - most bodywear that offers this kind of support cuts you in half, but not with the new Wundermost range."

Pros: "As above - supportive, stylish, soft, and easy to wear and pair with lots of different outfit options. They're a good price point, too, considering you're investing in quality basics that will last the test of time.

Cons: "This design for me did feel a little too cropped - I'm nearing 30, and would have preferred a slightly longer line option so I could wear with a more versatile range of outfits.

lululemon Wundermost review: Ally Head

(Image credit: Ally Head)
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