Best Sweaty Betty products: These are the only 7 items you need, according to fitness experts

Streamline your activewear with these top picks.

Some of the best Sweaty Betty products, modelled by two runners
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Athleisurewear brand Sweaty Betty has a lot of kit to choose from — so, what are the best Sweaty Betty products to buy? Whether you're on the hunt for high waisted gym leggings or the best sports bras, there's something for everyone. That said, we're here to save you the trawling through the site and get straight to the goods. 

Sweaty Betty is best known as the cool-girls workout kit found on every luxury high street, so of course it was started in 90's Notting Hill. It made its name selling beautiful, technical workout gear for every woman, who until then had been sold men's T-shirts or fluorescent aerobics sets. Sweaty Betty changed the game, catering stylish kit for everyone from runners to Pilates girls and skiers to swimmers. True to its roots, Sweaty Betty still sell winter coats alongside the best slippers for Barre exercises slippers and running shorts that don't ride up.

You will have heard of their classic Power leggings (one pair of which sells every 60 seconds, gulp), but what products do the pros recommend? Marie Claire's Health and Sustainability Editor Ally Head knows a thing or two about what makes for a good piece of activewear. As a marathon runner, gym goer, and yogi, she's worked her way through some of Sweaty Betty's best-selling pieces of kit to find the pieces that are just *chefs kiss*.

We've also turned to two of our favourite trainers and Sweaty Betty aficionados: Caroline Bragg, a personal trainer and pilates coach and Emma Obayuvana, a spin instructor for Moto Sumo and a movement coach.

What to look for when buying Sweaty Betty's best products? 

  • Your sport: As Sweaty Betty have so much choice, it's important to chose the products that are right for the way you want to move. Super-stretchy leggings are great for yoga, for instance, while you might want something with more compressive and supportive for running. We'll break down the best below.  
  • The right support: It's all about the boobs with this one — did you know your breasts can move 8cm in each direction if you run or jump without the right sports bra? That's why Sweaty Betty sell impact-specific bras. 
  • Price point: Price is always important when shopping. Sweaty Betty is a luxury brand but the products pay for themselves when you wear them on repeat. Nevertheless, working out what you can afford right now might be the difference between buying high-tech leggings and a lower impact sports bra, for instance. 

Best Sweaty Betty products: 7 to buy 

Is Sweaty Betty high quality?

Spending a lot of money on activewear can be daunting. There are so many brands out there that finding something that is actually good is hard. But take our word for it — Sweaty Betty is known as one of the best for a reason.

The brand prides themselves on their technical fabrics that are made as sustainability as possible and, as Ally noted, her Power leggings have lasted her seven years of weekly wears. Not many other brands could compare with that.

Chloe Gray
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