Finding it impossible to buy flour? Morrisons has a genius idea

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Many people are taking up new hobbies during the lockdown. Whether it's home workouts, reading Meghan Markle's book recommendations or getting creative in the kitchen with the best cookbooks.

However, if you've decided to take up baking you may be finding it extremely difficult to get hold of flour, as it seems that everybody has the same idea.

Whether you need it to make banana bread like the rest of Instagram or you're a fan of baking delicious brownies, it's a kitchen cupboard staple for those who want to make sweet treats.

But if you can't find any flour in your local supermarket, Morrisons' latest service could be the key to living your best Great British Bake Off life.

They're now selling flour directly from their in-house bakeries, with staff decanting their own in-house flour into smaller bags. And they're very affordable, too, at just 60p for a 1kg bag of white bread flour, wholemeal flour, plain flour or self-raising flour.

The dream right now.

And if you're a really keen baker you can pick up a 16kg bag of white bread flour, plain flour or self-raising flour for £9. That will definitely keep you going for a while.

There are also 50g bags of yeast available too for 20p.

Apparently the scheme is so popular at the moment that they've sold more than 370 tonnes of flour and over 19,000 bags of yeast.

So if you're looking to give sourdough a go or simply crave a Victoria sponge, it looks like a trip to Morrisons is in order.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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