A Valentine's Day Colin the Caterpillar has landed - and he's joined by his girlfriend

colin the caterpillar valentines day

Valentine's/Galentine's Day is set to look very different this year, with coronavirus restrictions meaning that many couples will be spending the most romantic day on the calendar separately, as will you and your nearest and dearest girl friends.

However, if you live with someone you love - be it a partner or a pal - there are lots of ways to celebrate February 14th.

There are a number of brilliant food delivery boxes, some amazing gifts for the love of your life and home date ideas that are both cute and easy.

And if you want to include the iconic Colin the Caterpillar, guess what? A Valentine's version has arrived - and he comes alongside his girlfriend, Connie.

'The ultimate Valentine's gift' sees the two love-caterpillars united as one, with hearts sprinkled over them and twinkling in their eyes.

Connie has some enviably long eyelashes and a pink bow, while Colin looks suave in his usual get-up.

Apparently, M&S knows all about their love story, revealing that Colin and Connie 'met at a party in 2016' and went on to tie the knot a year later. Cute.

Colin himself announced the news earlier this week as the special editions landed in stores, saying: 'Connie and I live for birthday parties but we have a feeling we're going to LOVE Valentine's Day even more!

'We're SO excited to celebrate with our fans in their own 'lockdown love cocoons' across the UK!'

If you want to get your hands on the sweet duo, it'll set you back £10 and there's more than enough for you and your other half. And if you do live separately, you can also get the pair delivered straight to your soulmate's door as a token of your love. Sweet.

Happy Valentine's!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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