There's a Tony's Chocolonely rollercoaster coming to Europe

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Tony's to open Willy Wonka-esque theme park
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Sound the klaxon: the ultimate chocolate paradise is in the works.

Cruelty-free Dutch choc brand Tony's Chocolonely this week announced that they have some pretty mega plans brewing. Bringing some good news to 2020, they've shared that they'll be building their very own chocolate factory.

Oh yep. Think a Willy Wonka and Fairtrade hybrid in a Thorpe Park setting and you're on the right tracks.

The brand—who sell 36 million bars of chocolate every year (and counting)—told press that the primary aim of the theme park is to teach kids and adults alike about chocolate slavery and the mistreatment of farmers working in West Africa. But don't worry, there will be heaps of edible fun to enjoy, too.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. As a brand, Tony's Chocolonley's main purpose is to eradicate chocolate slavery. Since launching in 2005, they've been on a mission to prove that you can make seriously tasty cocoa-based treats without the need for any slave labour or mistreatment of workers.

Tony's new chocolate factory plan

They're hoping the attraction will pull in anywhere around 500,000 sweet-toothed visitors every year.

It's currently set to open in 2024. Sure, you'll have to wait to experience it first hand, but it definitely looks like it'll be worth it. Sketches so far depict a magical chocolate-themed island spanning three buildings, with a rollercoaster, boats and a working factory, not to mention larger-than-life chocolate bars decorating the outside of the building.

This comes the same year as the brand launched their seriously tasty (and slavery-free) chocolate Easter eggs and the same week as Asda launch their very own strawberry lace and coca cola flavoured gins and Costa announce Coke flavoured coffee. Although we're not so sure about the latter one yet...

At current, plans propose to start construction on the theme park in Amsterdam, where the Dutch brand originates from. Guesstimates for how much it'll cost to build sit at around $105 million (£84.5 million) in total.

Time to start planning a holiday? We think so.

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