Costa is serving Coca-Cola coffees and we're not sure what to think

costa coffee coca cola

Costa is pretty ahead of the curve when it comes to cool combinations with a twist, whether it's the caramel stuffed Rolo muffin or the pink hot chocolate. Their seasonal menus are dreamy and always on point - who doesn't love a festive sandwich at Christmas and a Belgian bun in the spring?

But now they're going one step further by creating a Coca-Cola flavoured coffee - and we're not sure how to feel about this one.

The range of hot beverages with a Coca-Cola tang launched in stores across China last month and is part of the summer menu. Think Coca-Cola lattes and Coca-Cola Cappuccinos. Hmm.

There's also a Cold Brew version popping up next month, if that's your thing.

A spokesperson for Costa told Tyla: 'The familiar crisp taste of the classic Coca Cola complements the smooth mellow coffee flavours found in our Cold Brew coffee.

'When served over ice, this is a truly refreshing summer drink.'

The Coca-Cola company acquired the coffee shop in 2018 for a cool £3.9 billion, so it makes sense that they'd eventually team up to create something a little different.

Would you try the fizz infused coffee?

At the moment it's only available in China, and it's not clear whether it'll make its way to the UK - but we'll leave you to decide whether or not you think it's a match made in heaven...

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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