A new McVitie's biscuit range is here and the new flavours sound fantastic

mcvities new biscuit range

There are plenty of delicious snacks out there to keep you going when the 3pm sugar craving strikes, whether you're up for trying the new Dairy Milk flavours, sampling the Costa Coca-Cola coffee or tasting the new chocolate in the iconic Celebrations tubs.

But if you love nothing more than dunking a biscuit into a cuppa, it's likely that you have a stash of chocolate digestives on hand.

Well, in news we didn't know we needed, McVitie's has launched a brand new range - and all the new tasty treats sound absolutely dreamy.

Putting a spin on the traditional chocolate digestive, they're releasing a 'Very Important Biscuit' selection which includes three mouth watering flavours: Classic Caramel Bliss, Heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut and Luscious Blood Orange.

The biscuits will feature the nation's favourite crumble underneath a layer of chocolate, with a chewy caramel middle. Yum.

McVitie's says that they're the 'finest biscuits to date' and you'll be 'sitting in silence, eyes closed and lost for words', adding that 'an astounding flavour and incredible texture [combine] to form the pinnacle of [their] biscuit portfolio'. Considering their the biscuit pros we're going to believe them.

Brand director Emma Stowers told trade journal The Grocer that they are 'aiming high' with the new flavours and hoping that snackers will upgrade to something a little more fancy, giving buyers 'even more incentive to trade up at the same time as making them affordable enough to enjoy on a regular basis, whilst still feeling premium.'

If you want to get your hands on a packet or three, they'll be available in Asda from 12th July and will cost £1.79 per 250g pack. But if you're not near an Asda, don't panic - more retailers will be selling these gems from the end of August.

That's our tea break snacks sorted.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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