M&S is selling a pink Prosecco Easter egg and it's only a fiver


prosecco easter egg


This year, we're being absolutely spoiled when it comes to Easter eggs. If you're an avo-loving millennial, then the most obvious choice for you is the Waitrose avocado chocolate egg (which is all chocolate, FYI). If you like your eggs to look a little unusual, then you need to try the Hotel Chocolat Easter egg sandwich. And if you want to build your chocolate treat yourself, Ikea is selling a flat-pack bunny so that you can assemble your own sweet treat.

So where are the booze-infused eggs this year? We've had our pancakes with gin and tonic lemon drizzle sauce, but what about the choc?

Luckily, M&S are here to save the day with their huge, pink Prosecco Easter egg. And it's just as epic as it sounds.

The aptly named milk chocolate 'Proseggo Egg' is made with berries, a pinch of sea salt and - of course - Prosecco. It also has a lovely majestic swirl and looks vaguely like a Game of Thrones dragon egg (sort of).

prosecco egg

Credit: Marks & Spencer

If you want to get hold of a Proseggo Egg (or two) for Easter then you'll find them in your local M&S for a very reasonable £5.

You'll also be able to get your hands on a sparkling wine-infused chocolate egg from Prestat, which is a slightly more expensive £18 in Ocado. It includes pink popping candy and comes with truffles that are also infused with Prosecco.

Will you be choosing a boozy egg for Easter this year?

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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