Hotel Chocolat launches chocolate and cookie dough sandwiches

Mouth watering? Same.

hotel chocolat easter sandwiches

Mouth watering? Same.

This year, Hotel Chocolat is bringing some absolute gems to the table as part of their Easter collection. Forget the traditional eggs - you can now treat yourself to two extra special sandwiches: cookie dough and ice cream, or chocolate spread.

But before you start wondering how you cram ice cream into bread, and why you'd want to in the first place, the entire sandwich is made from chocolate. That's right - chocolate slices melted together with a large chocolate egg in the middle. Yum.

The cookie dough and ice cream sandwich is made up of crunchy caramel milk chocolate slices with two white chocolate and raspberry half eggs attached to either side.

hotel chocolate easter sandwiches

But you might prefer the sound of the chocolate spread sandwich - hazelnut spread with 50% milk chocolate slices. Is your mouth watering yet? Same.

hotel chocolat easter sandwiches

They're not the only chocolate sandwiches in the selection, either. You can also get your hands on the lamb and mint chocolate sandwich, book ended with Tasmanian peppermint oil and crispy feuilletine housing a very cute chocolate lamb.

hotel chocolat easter sandwiches

The chocolate sandwiches will set you back £10 a piece, but if you pick up three you'll save yourself a few pounds as a trio comes in at £27.

The full Hotel Chocolat Easter collection is currently on sale online and in store, so start stocking up now.

There's nothing wrong with trialling a few bits and pieces before April 21st...

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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