The Waitrose avocado Easter egg is making a comeback

Avo look at this

waitrose avocado easter egg

Avo look at this

It's January, we're still broke from the Christmas holidays and don't even get us started on the weather. We need things to look forward to, like cheap five star getaways and Ben and Jerry's Valetine's Day ice cream.

So forgive us for getting egg-cited about the fact that Waitrose are bringing back the popular chocolate avocado Easter Egg that we all fell in love with last year.

The egg is not flavoured like the green fleshy fruit, and is in fact made completely of chocolate - the shell is 70% cocoa Belgian chocolate, and the creamy centre is white chocolate with food colouring and even the pip is a solid lump of chocolatey goodness.

But the fun doesn't stop there. This year, Waitrose is also selling baby chocolate avocados as well as vegan jelly avocados, so this Easter there's something for everyone.

'We know our customers love avocados, but we never realised quite how much until we launched our Chocolate Avocado last Easter!' Waitrose & Partners' Easter egg product developer Kate Kind said.

'The avocados were a huge hit with avo-lovers hunting for them in Waitrose & Partner shops across the UK.

'They sold out much quicker than expected and were such a talking point among family and friends that we wanted to recreate them with some fun, mini versions this year to make sure our shoppers had a whole array of avocado treats to choose from.'

The original avocado Easter egg comes in at a very affordable £8, a three-pack of minis will set you make a mere £4 and the vegan treats are a very affordable £2.50 for six. The whole collection will be available in stores and online from February 24th - so make sure you avo reminder set on your phone.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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