Cheese Easter eggs just launched: here's where to get yours

An eggcellent treat (if a little cheesy).

M&S launch cheese Easter eggs
(Image credit: M&S)

An eggcellent treat (if a little cheesy).

Easter is a time for family roasts, Easter egg hunts and chocolate bunnies (or chocolate sloths, if you're M&S).

But as interest for alternative Easter eggs grows, supermarkets are launching even more out there options for savoury Easter fans. First came the Walkers Sensations crisp 'egg'; now, M&S have launched Easter eggs made entirely from cheese.

The high street retailer is selling a six pack of mini cheese 'eggs', covered in wax, similar to a Babybel.

Wondering what cheese the Easter treats are actually made from? Sources at M&S tell us they're little balls of Barber’s farmhouse cheddar, complete with a vintage 18-month matured Red Leicester centre, which stands in as the 'yolk'. Neat.

M&S launch cheese Easter eggs

To top it off, each individual egg comes in a blue wax ‘shell’ and what legitimately looks like your standard egg carton, to complete the package. They're quite convincing—although you might be in for a surprise if you try scrambling them for Clarence Court's for your Sunday fry up.

Cheese eggs not a bit of you? Don't worry, there are a whole host of other egg-citing products on sale this year, from Aldi's booze-infused range, to Lindt's new white chocolate easter eggs, to Ocado's hot cross bun gelato. Mmm.

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Rosie Eiduks, M&S Product Developer, said: 'Delicious as it is, we know not everyone loves chocolate, and that the nation is actually divided between Team Sweet and Team Savoury. Those with a more savoury-tooth can sometimes feel left out of the fun at Easter, so this year, we wanted to create a must-have gift for cheese lovers too!'

'Not only are our Mini Cheesy Eggs a picture perfect gift, they’re also completely delicious, with our quality Barber’s Farmhouse Cheddar and a vintage Red Leicester yolk. Beautiful served on an Easter lunch cheeseboard, sliced into a sandwich or salad, or loaded on top of crackers.'

Keen to get your hands on these cheese-tastic treats? The M&S Cheese Easter Eggs are available in all M&S stores now, for the price of £8.50 for 360g (or six eggs).

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